Costa Brava REGION


Circular solutions for :

Touristic region located on the Mediterranean, characterized by high seasonal demand, frequent water scarcity episodes, also causing saltwater intrusion.

It is one of the first areas in the uptake of water reuse in Europe with 14 full-scale tertiary treatments that provide 4 hm3/year (2016) for agricultural irrigation, environmental uses, non-potable urban uses and, recently, indirect potable reuse.

Relevant Data

> Water management operator: Consorci Costa Brava (CCB)

Municipalities in the area
km of coast
1 M PE
Tourists / year
1 M
Total water supply
1 -20 hm3/year
Total water reused
1 hm3/year

Demo site:

Tossa de Mar WRP

Relevant sectors

Key innovations & actions

  • Regenerate end-of-life RO membranes to obtain different molecular cut-offs to be used in the multipurpose fit-for-use reclamation system, which will be demonstrated through the operation of a pilot plant during 2 years in Tossa de Mar WRP.
  • Produce fit-for-use water quality for sensitive uses to extend the use of reclaimed water in the area (e.g. indirect potable reuse through aquifer recharge and irrigation of private gardens).
  • Integrated urban/regional water cycle optimization including all the relevant actors

Lead partners