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Spernal WWTP is a medium sized plant that serves as Severn Trent Water’s “Urban Strategy Demonstration Site” where merging technologies compatible with a low energy, circular economy approach will be evaluated.

A multi-stream technology test bed will be constructed in 2019. The demonstration plant will incorporate an anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) complete with a membrane degassing unit to recover dissolved methane. AnMBR combines several benefits such as: no aeration energy for removal of Chemical and Biochemical Oxigen Demand (COD/BOD), low sludge production and associated treatment efforts, biogas production (production of electricity/heat), pathogen and solids free effluent which can be re-used in a number of applications (e.g.: farming and industrial use).

Relevant Data

Waste water plant serving the town of Redditch
10 .000 PE
Sewage treatment
1 m3/day

Demo site:

Spernal WWTP

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Key innovations & actions

  • Nutrient removal and recovery through adsorption or ion exchange technologies
  • AnMBR demonstration in cold climate northern European countries with a membrane degassing unit to recover dissolved methane for water and energy reuse

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