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At the WWTP of Altenrhein (AVA) advanced energy-efficient sludge management technologies for 300.000 PE of sludge are already in place: sludge is dried on site and is co-incinerated in cement works. The heat for sludge drying is generated by burning of sewage gas and by heat recovery from wastewater using heat pumps.

AVA signed a contract to build a nitrogen stripping unit from sludge dewatering employing an innovative membrane contactor with a novel low fouling  membrane module.

Relevant Data

sewage treatment
10 .000 PE
Additional sludge from an 17 WWTPs in the federal states of St Gallen and Appenzell
10 .000 PE

Demo site:

Altenrhein WTP

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Key innovations & actions

  • Production of fresh activated carbon using locally available sludge and biomass, definition and
    regeneration strategies and its reuse for  micropollutants removal.
  • Phosphorus in sludge modified and purified for reuse as market grade P-K-fertilizer.
  • Nitrogen stripping via a novel membrane contactor.

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