NextGen’s Marketplace launch

An online social platform for problem owners and solution providers

Where to find novel solutions for the Water Circular Economy?


You will find them on Water Europe’s new marketplace. In March, the platform was launched, connecting stakeholders and promoting innovative solutions. The marketplace is a window for solution providers to display their solutions to problem owners. It allows them to be in touch with one another and interact. It is a common ground for matching solutions with a problem that is highlighted. This way, the main goal of the marketplace is being the place where business is promoted.


The platform developed by the NextGen project, provides access to information related to a number of projects around the circular economy, such as Ultimate, B-WaterSmart, and Water-mining.


The marketplace is a podium for the whole circular economy. “It is not only for water but for the two other main pillars of the water circular economy: energy and materials. So, it is meant for problem owners, mainly, utilities or industries, which would like to turn their internal linear processes into circular ones”, explains George Karavokiros, the main developer of the platform. George is a computer scientist from the National Technical University of Athens. 


“But it is also for other stakeholders like investors who would like to buy into the circular economy. It is also addressing academics, regulatory bodies or NGOs, or other professionals who are active in the circular economy”, George adds further. 

George Karavokiros launching the marketplace at WME 2022

How does it work?

Visitors can access the technologies and can search for factsheets and products. They can see the technologies already working in the real world, through case studies that already apply the respective technical knowledge and products. 


Further the real potential of the marketplace unfolds for registered users. Registration is a simple process and free of charge. Registered users can search for other partners and connect with them using the search functionality of the marketplace. They can also upload and promote their products. However, this will come with a small fee to keep the marketplace viable. Early adopters can now still upload free of charge


The marketplace has several cross-links between technologies and other data categories as products, case studies, and tags, so users can switch and hop between these data categories – explore fact sheets and get informed. Also, connect with others that have similar interests and preferences as you. This makes networking very easy.

Bridging the gap between innovative solutions and the market

There is a need to fill the gap in this so-called “valley of death” between novel solutions -or the development of innovative solutions- and the market. Andre Rubini, Director of operations in Water Europe affirms: “To tackle the need for investment, we need to make innovative solutions visible and available. So, the marketplace is important because it is where we can support the transition between innovation and the deployment of the solution to the market.”


The marketplace works as a unique spot where all stakeholders can come together and explore not only one part of the circular economy but the whole. It further formalizes the nexus between the technologies and the three pillars of the market that make up the circular economy (water, energy and materials).


The platform is ready, but it relies on building a solid community. George Karavokiros agrees: “Well, we hope that with time more people will find their way to the marketplace. There they can upload their products and get informed. And this will become a community for the whole circular economy.”


If you are interested in building a real community for the circular economy, visit the Marketplace


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