Know our demo cases: Timisoara

In the third largest city in Romania, we are testing new solutions to produce energy from water treatment and to find new water reuse options

The Timisoara Water Waste Treatment Plant located on west-Romania serves over 500 thousand people. In the context of NextGen, the water treatment plant will demonstrate sludge management with production of by-products and energy. 

A new technology is being employed, testing how to transform the sludge using a thermochemical approach to produce different outputs such as oil and gas. Those outputs can then be used in the future for running the water treatment plant itself, and in other industries.

Further, at this demo case a feasibility study will be performed to better understand the possibility of reusing the water coming from the Treatment Plant for urban, industrial and agriculture applications. To do that, regional partnerships with the sector’s stakeholders to promote the wastewater reuse is a must. And that’s what they will also focus on, by promoting Communities of Practices. 

Do you want to learn more about our demo case? Click on video for a short presentation.