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The Koningshoeven BioMakery is a biological wastewater treatment system based on modular and functional reactor-based ecological engineering. The BioMakery was created based upon the principle of water-based urban circularity, where energy, food, and waste systems are built around a regenerative and sustainable water cycle. The BioMakery is powered by Metabolic Network Reactor (MNR) technology, which uses 2-3,000 different species of organisms ranging from bacteria to higher level organisms such as plants.

The BioMakery serves as a test facility for advanced circular space technology developed within the micro-ecological life support system alternative (MELiSSA) program of ESA. SEMiLLA formerly known as IPStar has a mandate to implement this technology in civil society. Coupling MNR with MELiSSA technology, reuse water and phototrophic organisms will be produced. The use of Single Cell Proteins will be evaluated for all options such as slow-release fertilizer for the plant nursery, as fish fodder, or as human food.

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(10,800 PE)
1 m3/day


1 m2


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La Trappe Brewery

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Key innovations & actions

  • Maintain normal operations at the BioMakery during and after the integration of MELiSSA technology with Metabolic Network Reactor (MNR) water treatment technology.
  • Combine MNR and MELiSSA advanced separation technologies to create water for reuse: primarily as irrigation water and potentially as water used during the bottle-washing process and as makeup water for beer production.
  • Recover carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus materials from wastewater using MELiSSA photobioreactor technology. Develop and test these materials for use as a plant fertilizer or as microbial protein for various applications

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