Resilient cities prioritise water management

The Resilience and Sustainability Office of the City of Athens celebrated the third anniversary of its “Resilient Athens” programme by organising an event, 6 March 2019.


Athens is part of the 100 Resilient Cities Global Network and at this open event; actions supporting the City’s Resilience Strategy for 2030 were presented and shared.


NextGen was highlighted as one of the main EU projects running in collaboration with the City of Athens and the active involvement of the City’s Green Directorate.

Prof. Christos Makropoulos, from the National Technical University of Athens, the project’s co-coordinator, explained the project’s ‘Water in the Circular Economy’ vision with a special focus on the Athens pilot case.


More than 100 people, including main local actors and stakeholders, attended the event, chaired by the Mayor of the City of Athens and the Vice Mayor for Urban Nature and Resilience.  


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