Water Innovation Europe 2020

‘A Water-Smart Society For A Post-COVID19 Green Deal’,

Water Europe took its entire event digital 22-26 June, complete with an innovative exhibition area, which included NextGen. 


The digital nature of the event imposed by COVID-19 pandemic brought a fresh sense of urgency to the sessions and tied with a major policy paper related to the EU’s ‘Green Deal’, Horizon Europe and waters place in our recovery and relationship with the environment. 


Sessions tackled water smart society and industry, its role in achieving a green deal for Europe; plus biodiversity, water quality and waters role in the food chain were all discussed and debated in detail.


The Water Europe 2020-2027 vision for the Horizon Europe programme sets out the urgency of these issues powerfully.


“Water is the “life-blood” of our economy, industries, societal functions, nature as well as health and wellbeing of our citizens. Without water everything else in the 69.8 Trillion Euro global economy would fail. 75% of our jobs depend on water and water crises rank among the top 5 global risks in terms of impact.” is says