Governance challenges in the transition towards Circular Water solutions

Experts from a number of EU Horizon 2020-projects reviewed together with EU policy-makers relevant water regulations

On March 26th 2021, different H2020 projects got together with EU policy makers to discuss governance challenges for the water sector and in the transition towards circular water solutions. In this event (Water in the Circular Economy Policy Development), experts and policy makers reviewed relevant regulations, such as the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive and Sewage Sludge Directive.

The programme consisted of brief presentations from the projects, each highlighting relevant directive topics, and showing results from a demo case on the policy implications for the circular water solutions. Each presentation finalised with a discussion statement. After two sessions with three presentations, the European Commission policy officers reflected on the statements.

The workshop on ‘Water in the Circular Economy policy development‘ was a joint event of Water Europe, EASME and NextGen organised in the frame of Water Knowledge Europe 2021, side event Water Projects Europe. From this event a report was published in July 2021, called: ‘Water in the circular economy policy development’.

In this report, we reflect on the policy implications for the implementation and transferability of initiatives to further close water cycles, reuse water, and recover energy and nutrients from wastewater, based on real-life experience from water in the Circular Economy (CE) demonstration cases across Europe. 

You can read the whole report here: