Know our demo cases: Filton Airfield

A former airfield will be transformed into a thriving and sustainable neighbourhood

Located at the north of Bristol (UK), this airfield played important role during world war I and II. Being over 2,4km long, this area will be turned into a new housing and business neighbourhood that will use circular water solutions. Further, the three-bay Brabazon Hangar, which was built in 1946 at Filton airfield will be transformed into a premier live entertainment venue with a capacity of about 20,000 visitors, named YTL Arena


This new neighbourhood will be constructed taking into account ways of harvesting rainwater, reusing water and extracting energy and materials from waste. With that it hopes to lead the way by creating a fully circular development that will accommodate over 2000 families. 


The Filton airfield demonstration site is part of the Horizon2020’s NextGen project that aims to drive the Circular Economy through a wide range of water-embedded resources, including water, energy and materials. NextGen is evaluating how to implement those technologies and measures at the site. 


This project could establish the former airfield as a global frontrunner for sustainable development. Learn more watching the presentation: