Know our Demo cases: Braunschweig

Recovering Energy and Resources from Water treatment.

 Located in the middle-north of Germany, Braunschweig has a wastewater treatment plant receiving domestic wastewater from a population of around 350,000. As part of the NextGen project, they want to improve their water Circular Economy approach.


For that, they will improve both nutrient and energy recovery during the sludge treatment. They commissioned a new full-scale treatment system that combines nutrient recovery system to produce fertilisers, and energy recovery that improves the water cleaning process afterward.


Braunschweig will have efficient energy (biogas and heat) management for hydrolysis and digestion and will set up and optimise a new nutrient recycling scheme.


Unique selling points: 

  • Release of volatile organic carbon compounds for an enhanced biogas production 
  • Increase in methane yield of about 10-20%  
  • Release of phosphate and ammonium from disintegrated organic compounds 
  • Reduction of dewatered sludge volume and thus, reduction of disposal costs 

Learn more in this 20 min  presentation: