4th Phosphorus in Europe Research Meeting (PERM)

The online meeting will happen Wednesday 2nd June 2021 organised in partnership between ESPP (European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform), the Biorefine Cluster and ETA Renewable Energies Florence.

This meeting will bring together the major EU-funded R&D projects currently developing, analysing and piloting nutrient recycling and nutrient management (Horizon2020, Interreg, LIFE) as well as regional, national or company funded projects. The objectives are to enable exchange of experience and discuss future nutrient research perspectives with industry, stakeholders and the European Commission.


The online event is accompanied by a full update of European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform’s inventory of nutrient-related R&D projects (available here – version online somewhat out of date, update is underway) and will lead to a summary document (presenting projects and institutes participating) published as a SCOPE Newsletter (60 000 emailing list worldwide, 11 – 14% identified opening rate, plus online publication) with a summary of meeting conclusions and recommendations.


NextGen will participate in this this event presenting an overview of the phosphorus (nutrient) recovery technologies taking place in the project. 

Preliminary programme

4th Phosphorus in Europe Research Meeting (PERM)

Online, 2nd June 2021


9h00 – 10h15 CEST: P-recycling research & technology update
  • Welcome, networking app, meeting objectives (ESPP, Biorefine)
  • Short outline of status of implementation of P-recycling technologies today (ESPP)
    see ESPP – NNP – DPP technology catalogue
  • Phosphorus recycling projects under Horizon 2020, LIFE, Interreg(European Commission, tbc)
  • Nutrient R&D objectives under HorizonEurope (European Commission, tbc)
  • Nutrient R&D projects inventory, ETA Florence Renewable Energies
  • Thematic networks initiatives on nutrients (ITN-Re-source, ESNI), Ana Robles Aguilar, Gent University
  • From project recommendations to policy implementation and user uptake
    SuMaNu Gap Analysis report 2021, Henning Lyngsø Foged, Organe and Kaj Granholm, BSAG
  • Nutrient recovery thematic network: from project development to farmer implementation, Erik Meers, University of Gent, Nutriman WP2 leader
  • Questions and discussion
10h45 – 12h00 CEST: Four parallel breakout sessions
  • manure nutrient recycling – led by Laia Llenas Argelaguet, Universitat de Vic-Universitat Central de Catalunya
  • nutrient recovery from sewage sludge – led by UKWIR / EUREAU or Phos4You
  • contaminants, safety, LCA – led by UGent/Biorefine
  • fertiliser properties and user uptake of recycled nutrient materials – led by Kari Ylivainio, LUKE (Lex4Bio)

Short pitch summaries of nutrient projects and phosphorus R&D institutes (3’’ – 3 slides max. updates on advanced/completed nutrient recycling projects and work of targeted research centres / 2’’ – 1 slide pitches presenting new / starting projects or novel PhD projects). 


Discussions on research needs and cooperation
confirmed:  SuMaNu (Interreg Baltic Sea Region), Phos4You (Interreg North-West Region), Fertimanure (2020),  P-TRAP (H2020 Marie Curie), WETSUS, SYSTEMIC (H2020), Water Mining (H2020), ViviMag (EIT), RecaP (ITN), FertiCycle, LOTUS (India-Netherlands Partnership), Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW), Circular NP (Sweden, private funding), Pegasus (ERA-NET), TYPKI (Finland national funding), Organic-PLUS (H2020), RESTOR (county of Møre og Romsdal, Norway), Circular Agronomics (H2020), Sabana (Horizon2020), ALG-AD (Interreg NWE), Hydrousa (Horizon2020), Lex4Bio (Horizon2020), Run4Life (Horizon2020), RecoPhos Scale-Up (Uni. Loeben, Austria), MeY4bioPP bio-polyphosphate (BMBF Germany), Phosphorus Campus Rostock (PhD recovered P feed monogastric animals, PhD recycled P and forage legumes, PhD P-recycling livestock), Reflow (H2020 ETN), Gypsum agricultural application (John Nurminen Foundation), Urbabiofin (Horizon2020), Waste2Bio (ERA-NET)
pending: RePhoKUs, Enrich (LIFE), MonGOS, Rapsodee, FHNW, Prosumer, NIBIO, SMART-Plant, …


14h00 – 15:30 Perspectives for research and market uptake
  • Rapid conclusions of parallel sessions by Rapporteurs
  • EU Farm-to-Fork and Biodiversity Strategy nutrient management and nutrient loss reduction targets: research needs
  • Farmers’ needs and visions for recycled phosphorus products (Chambre d’Agriculture, France, tbc)
  • Phosphorus recycling in Organic Farming (RELACS Horizon2020 / IFOAM tbc)
  • Relating nutrient recycling to ‘Soil Health and Food’ HorizonEurope Mission (tbc)

Panel discussion on what research is missing, where more is needed, improving support to implementation, networking and filling gaps.