Accelerating water circular economy solutions

How to accelerate the water circular economy? We explored different industries from whiskey distillery to horticulture to find out. 

The need for a Water Circular Economy has become more evident and urgent in 2020. Traditional, linear supply chains involving production, consumption and disposal have become vulnerable. Disruptions caused by the pandemic, climate change, commercial competition and environmental degradation are putting existing business models under strain.

While solving each of these challenges on their own is very difficult, what if we could help to solve all problems at once?

Developing local, robust and transparent markets for water circular economy can help to climate-proof the whole of European society. To unlock these resources and the benefits of water in the circular economy, there is a need for innovative technology, business and governance solutions. Furthermore, we need to engage stakeholders and citizens to  accelerate not only the uptake but also the acceptance of circular solutions.