Know our demo cases: Gotland

A touristic island is testing solutions for its water problem

During summer, Gotland – the biggest island in Sweden – more than doubles its population. Being an island more than 4 hours on boat from the coast, Gotland and its tourists have to rely on its few water aquifers. In recent years, the island of Gotland has experienced a severe water crisis, negatively affecting tourism and small-scale industries.


Water shortages are hindering economic development on the island, since it leads to strict regulations for building new houses and creating new business. 


To change this situation, NextGen is developing solutions to harvest water and direct it to its aquifer. Also, using new technology to treat the water allowing for re-use. Finally, a desalination plant that is climate friendly is being tested, using solar energy. 


If you want to know more about the demo case, watch our presentation on the topic: