Water is key to unlock a circular economy across Europe

There is a critical mass of projects being assembled to accelerate the Circular Economy in Europe.

Two exciting European projects, being led by KWR Water Research Institute in the Netherlands, are linking together multiple stakeholders to accelerate knowledge transfer and help bridge the gap between water utilities and industries. 


Under the ULTIMATE project, a total of 27 project partners have come together to create economic value and increase sustainability by valorizing resources within the water cycle. 


A second project, NextGen, will drive the Circular Economy through a wide range of water-embedded resources, including water, energy, and materials.


As well as leading ULTIMATE and NextGen, KWR is involved in all relevant EU projects on circularity. Bridging science to practice, the organisation has expertise in creating new business models and values, involving stakeholders, and identifying unknown risks in the transition to a circular economy.