Phosphorus Removal In Wastewater

4th Phosphorus in Europe Research Meeting (PERM)

The online meeting will happen Wednesday 2nd June 2021 organised in partnership between ESPP (European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform), the Biorefine Cluster and ETA Renewable Energies Florence.


Bringing circular solutions from India to Sweden

Ralegan Siddhi, a drought-prone and semi-arid village in western India’s Maharashtra state might not appear to offer many lessons for a Swedish island in the Baltic Sea. But since 1975 the village has used innovative rainwater harvesting methods to transform itself into a model of environmental conservation.

NextGen tulips

Sustainable technology for achieving a water circular economy

From fruit juice to green pharmaceuticals and seawater to more sustainable electronics, new innovative technologies are helping lay down the foundations for a circular economy of water – thanks to several EU funded research projects.